Update on the Optima Braille Laptop Project

Optima Braille Laptop

In a recent interview with Double Tap’s Steven Scott, the creator of the new Optima Braille Laptop, Adi Kushner, joined the show to gives us updates to the project which has been hit by delays.

In a powerful interview, Adi explains that the delay in the project is due to the conflict in Israel where he lives. He and his family have been affected by events following October 7th 2023 and had to take shelter during the attacks. He tells Steven that the conflict has impacted his ability to work and function, and has caused delays in the project.

Despite the challenging situation, Adi is determined to continue working on the Optima project and is making progress with software development. He plans to involve the community in beta testing the software and is working on integrating better JAWS screen reader support. He acknowledges the disappointment of the delay and assures everyone that the project is not dead.

While he asks for understanding during this difficult time, he is committed to getting the Optima out the door. He also emphasizes the importance of involving the blind community in the development of the product.

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