Monday Blues, Audible on the Victor Reader & Optima Delays

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Today’s show is jam-packed with tech talk and a special focus on the Optima Braille laptop’s delay.

Steven discusses his experience with, a platform where he found a community discussing the Victor Reader Stream. He shares the challenges of trying to get Audible support on the new Victor Reader Stream 3 and reminisces about the ease of transferring books on the older model.

As always, the show features listener feedback, starting with Alan’s curiosity about the Ray-Ban Meta glasses and the AI transcription feature. Frank shares his frustrations with Lady A’s playback issues and the difficulty of setting email sounds on the iPhone 14.

But the highlight of today’s episode is a candid interview with Adi Kushner from Access Mind. Adi opens up about the real-world conflict in Israel that has caused delays in the Optima Braille laptop’s production. Despite the challenges, Adi remains committed to the project and shares exciting news about upcoming software beta testing and collaborations with screen reader developers.

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