Best of YouTube: Simulating Sight, Apple Vision Pro Accessibility & The Las Vegas Sphere Experience

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Starting this week Steven and Shaun can be found on YouTube talking tech from their own unique perspectives and here on the podcast you can enjoy that experience too with our new weekly Best of YouTube wrap-up episode. Here’s what we talked about this week.

Episode 1: Introduction (13 seconds)

The guys introduce themselves and discuss the reason behind starting the Double Tap YouTube channel. They mention that Mr. F was the main reason behind the decision to expand their audience through YouTube. They explain that Double Tap is a daily show on AMI Audio in Canada, focusing on technology from a blind perspective, and the YouTube channel will allow them to delve deeper into topics they might not have time to cover on the radio show.

Episode 2: Can You Really Understand Blindness by Pretending? (7 minutes 52 seconds)

The hosts discuss whether it’s appropriate for sighted people to use simulation glasses to experience what it’s like to be blind. They share their opinions on visual impairment awareness courses and the potential negative impact of leaving participants with a sense of fear or pity. They reference a video by James Rath, a legally blind filmmaker, who collaborated with YouTuber Justine to show her what it’s like to use an iPhone with visual impairment. Steven finds this approach more positive, as it demonstrates how blind people can successfully use technology.

Episode 3: Apple Vision Pro Accessibility (21 minutes 54 seconds)

Steven and Shaun discuss the accessibility features of the upcoming Apple Vision Pro, including VoiceOver, magnification, pointer control, eye track pointer, hand gestures, and more. They explain the importance of these features for people with various disabilities and how they can work together to provide a better user experience. They question the device’s usability for blind individuals and whether there will be enough compelling content to justify purchasing it.

Episode 4: The Sphere Experience (35 minutes 9 seconds)

Matt Ater from Vispero joins Steven to talk about his experience visiting the Sphere in Las Vegas. Matt, who has low vision, describes how he used the Be My Eyes app to get descriptions of the scenes during a movie at the Sphere. He explains that the venue’s immersive sound and vibrations made the experience enjoyable, despite the lack of audio description. They discuss the accessibility of the venue and the potential for blind and low vision individuals to enjoy events there.

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