Orbit Launches New QWERTY and Speak Products

Orbit Products

Orbit Research has unveiled its latest offerings in assistive technology, including the new Orbit Speak notetaker and QWERTY versions of their popular braille displays, now available for order.

The Orbit Speak is a modern braille notetaker featuring a braille keyboard and synthesized speech output in a compact, pocket-sized device. It includes built-in note-taking and productivity applications such as a book reader, file editor, calendar, address book, calculator, clock, and alarms. This device can connect to smartphones and computers, providing a convenient method for text entry in braille and device control without the need for touch gestures.

Additionally, Orbit Research has introduced the Orbit Reader Q40, which follows in the innovative footsteps of its predecessors with Orbit’s TrueBraille™ technology. This model features 40 eight-dot refreshable braille cells, while its counterpart, the Orbit Reader Q20, offers 20 braille cells. Both devices are designed for seamless use, either standalone or connected to computers and mobile devices. They allow users to read books, take notes, and manage daily tasks with built-in applications such as a clock, calendar, and calculator.

A notable feature of these devices is the full-sized, laptop-style QWERTY keyboard, which can be connected independently via Bluetooth or USB to a computer or mobile device. This allows users to enjoy the convenience of touch-typing while using braille for reading.

Details on the Orbit Speak can be found on the company’s website here, or you can read more information about the Orbit Q20 and Q40 here.

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