Braille Doodle Device To Help Children Learn Braille Is Now Available

Braille Doodle

A new device called the Braille Doodle is set to transform the way visually impaired children learn Braille as it moves from being a Kickstarter project to a product being launched at the National Federation of the Blind convention in the USA.

Developed by Daniel Lubiner, a former teacher with 25 years of experience working with students of all abilities, the Braille Doodle is designed to make Braille learning accessible, affordable, and engaging for children of all ages.

Daniel’s inspiration for the Braille Doodle came from his experience teaching at a school for the blind and low vision, where he noticed that only 10% of students were learning Braille. Recognizing the importance of literacy and the lack of resources available for visually impaired learners, Daniel set out to create a device that could make a real impact.

The Braille Doodle is a portable and interactive device that allows children to learn Braille through tactile exploration and play. Featuring jumbo-sized Braille letters and a unique design that promotes hands-on learning, the Braille Doodle aims to make Braille education fun and accessible for all students.

Priced at just $70 per device, the Braille Doodle is significantly cheaper than traditional Braille learning tools, making it accessible to a wider range of students and schools. Daniel has also set up a non-profit organization called the TouchPad Pro Foundation to ensure that the device reaches those who may not be able to afford it.

Listen to Steven Scott speak to Daniel Lubiner in an interview aired in 2023 on Double Tap where David discussed the genesis of the idea, and where he hopes it will go next.

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