From A Cafe In Kyoto: The Story Of TypaAhead AI

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On this episode of Double Tap, hosts Steven Scott and Shaun Preece dive into the world of accessible technology with a special focus on a new AI-powered screen reading tool.

The show features an interview with Jeff Hara, the developer behind Type Ahead AI, which aims to enhance the screen reading experience for users who are blind or partially sighted through AI technology. Jeff shares his journey from working at Twitter during its tumultuous takeover by Elon Musk to developing Type Ahead AI, inspired by the potential of AI to improve accessibility. Despite the challenges and early stages of development, Jeff’s passion for making technology more accessible shines through as he discusses the capabilities and future plans for Type Ahead AI.

Grace Scoffield also joins the guys to share this week’s main news headlines, including plans to ban TikTok in the USA, new accessible recorders from Zoom, and how a new autonomous mobility aid could help blind people navigate their world.

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