Double Tap News Roundup: 9th February

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In the Double Tap News this week:

– The new Optima Braille laptop from AccessMind and Orbit Research has been delayed due to the terror attack in Israel impacting Adi Kushner’s ability to work. Adi explains all to Double Tap in a powerful interview.
– The iOS 17.4 update from Apple is set to bring significant changes for users within the European Union, including enhanced privacy settings and potential changes to the app store and payment systems. Business expert Pratik Patel explains.
– Type Ahead is a new screen reading assistant using AI that allows for navigation using natural language commands and is available for free in an offline version, but what will it offer in reality?
– Lenovo is adding tactile representations of key buttons in their newer laptops later this year. Michael Babcock brings us the latest.
– Google’s new Pixel devices feature an accessibility feature called guided frame, which uses audio commands to assist visually impaired users in taking photos. A new advert to be shown during the Superbowl will highlight this.

Grace Scoffield reads the latest Double Tap News this and every week. Catch it first on Friday’s Double Tap episode.

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