iOS 17.4 Brings Big Changes For EU Apple Customers And Developers


Apple currently has one app store where all apps reside and all transactions for the apps go through. The European Union passed legislation called the Digital Markets Act to give guidelines to app store providers to be competitive.

Apple is responding to this by separating how it charges developers for transactions under the new iOS 17.4. The response internally at Apple is not positive, as they do seem to prefer to keep everything under a single control.

The new legislation in the EU allows for the creation of additional app stores or marketplaces, but there are additional fees and requirements for developers and consumers. There are concerns about security and implications for consumers, and it seems that the changes may make things more complicated and not benefit anyone.

Pratik Patel is the CEO of Shilp Ventures and works with companies to offer consultancy on business transformation, staff leadership and solutions for IT delivery. He joined Steven Scott to explain more about these upcoming changes.

This applies only to the EU, and the US and other countries remain business as usual.

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