Could Type Ahead Make The Web Easier For Blind Mac Users?

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We heard on Double Tap last year about a new potential screen reader that is in the works, but did you know another one is already here?

Type Ahead is a new way to navigate using the existing VoiceOver screen reader and makes the most of artificial intelligence.

Instead of navigating by heading on a website, or by line on a page, you simply open a chat window with a hotkey and tell the screen reader what you want to do in plain English.

The app promises to enable you to click on buttons, enter text in form fields and menus, meaning it doesn’t matter if an update changes the look or feel of a site or app.

Watch as the developer shows how you can schedule a meeting on Google Calendar

(Please note: this is a video from the developer of Type Ahead and does not appear to have an audio described version)

You can also teach the app to do something using Quick Actions, and Type Ahead can learn and repeat in the future.

The app, like everything with AI, is at an early stage and the developer is inviting feedback.

Currently an offline version of the app is available for free, which means you don’t need access to the internet to use it, and your data is stored locally. An online version is also available starting at $8 dollars per month offering additional features like access to Chat GPT 4 Turbo.

Expect a demo very soon here on Double Tap as we put this new screen reading assistant through its paces.

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