Apple’s WWDC 24 Event: Review, Reaction & Analysis

WWDC 2024

If you want to get ahead and find out what’s new from Apple in 2024, check out Double Tap’s full coverage of the event here on our website, and across our daily show on AMI-audio and podcast, as well as on YouTube.

On June 10th, Tim Cook took to the stage to present what is coming up in the various operating systems that make up Apple’s products, including Mac OS, iOS, iPadOS and more. This is also the year we expected a major announcement on how artificial intelligence will be built into the various platforms. Millions around the world watched with anticipation and you can also join in by watching the livestream of the event courtesy of YouTube via the player on this page. The audio described version is available on Apple’s website.

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Watch the Double Tap team react to the event here:

Watch the full event from YouTube here:


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