WeWalk Smart Cane 2

WeWalk DT logo top left

In this episode of Double Tap on YouTube, hosts Steven Scott and Shaun Preece discuss the latest version of the WeWalk SmartCane 2.

They are joined by Dr. Jean-Marc Feghali and Joe Alfonso from WeWalk to explore the improvements made in the new device. The hosts talk about the history of WeWalk, the key learnings that led to version 2, and the features of the new SmartCane, such as improved design, tactile buttons, better sound quality, enhanced obstacle detection, and an intelligent voice assistant.

The hosts also touch on the engagement with the partially sighted community, the WeAssist service, which connects users to professionally trained agents for visual assistance, and the trade-in program for users of the original WeWalk cane. Pricing details and availability of the new device are discussed, with information on how users can upgrade or purchase the WeWalk SmartCane 2.

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