Exploring PiccyBot

PiccyBot app

In this demo, listener and Double Tap contributor Jenine Stanley offers an in-depth exploration and analysis of the PiccyBot app. Jenine takes the listeners through a detailed walk-through of the app’s features and functionalities, primarily emphasising the app’s ability to analyze and describe photos and videos via Voiceover.

Jenine discusses the app’s layout, accesses the camera and video features, and demonstrates how to use PiccyBot to capture and describe images. She also dives into the app’s unique feature, where users can select different voices for the narration and description of the images and videos. Various voice options are presented, such as expressive, happy, enthusiastic, serious, fashionable, caring, and none, providing listeners with a comprehensive understanding of the diverse voices available on the app.

Read the developer’s post on AppleVis introducing the app to the blind community

You can download the app on iOS and on Android.

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