Android’s Leap in Accessibility: Blind Users Embrace Seeing AI, Be My AI, and Talkback 14.1


The arrival of Microsoft’s Seeing AI app on Android has proved to be significant, creating a lot of interest in the platform, especially among those who are long time Apple iPhone users.

Kareen Kiwan and Salih Kunduz write for the Accessible Android website, sharing their unique perspectives as blind Android users.

They both joined Steven and Shaun for an interesting discussion on the news of the arrival of Seeing AI, but also the update to Be My Eyes which will soon include Be My AI on Android as well. Plus with the release of Talkback 14.1, there was lots to discuss.

Karen and Salih express their excitement and surprise at the news, highlighting the significance for blind and visually impaired Android users. They also discuss the impact of AI technology on accessibility, the challenges of using such apps, and the need for language support and improved accuracy.

The team also shares their thoughts on TalkBack 14.1 and the ongoing development of accessible features on Android.

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