The Team

Find out more about the team behind Double Tap

Steven Scott

Steven is the creator and lead host of Double Tap. Since starting out in broadcasting professionally in 1999, he has worked in various commercial radio stations in the UK, and later moved into the charity sector and helped the country's biggest sight loss charity RNIB get its own radio station off the ground. His love of technology led him to start the country's first technology radio show focused towards the blind community, which is when the bosses at Accessible Media got interested and wanted in on the action, and that's how Double Tap was born.


Shaun Preece

Shaun is the lead co-host of Double Tap and has been in technology reporting and broadcasting for many years, starting his broadcasting career at Accessible Media way before Double Tap was born. After a chance encounter with Steven, he was invited to join him on air and proved a hit with listeners. Shaun is a major part of Double Tap and is the lead producer of all of the daily episodes. He also hosts his own monthly podcast called 'Shaun Of The Shed' where he offers those nervous about starting out with tech some wisdom and guidance. He's also regularly seen on AMI-tv's Access Tech Live with Steven and Marc Aflalo.

Laura Kirker (Mrs K)

Laura is an audio professional who is best known to Double Tap listeners as the 'voice of the emails'. However, her career has been much more. Laura's specialism is in speech based audio such as podcasts, audio books, audio drama and radio features. Laura is the co-host of the daily show 'The Guardian Daily' on AMI-audio, reading out the headlines and main stories of the day along with co-host Hannah Tausz. Laura has had productions nominated for and won awards such as Audiophile Earphones Award and Specsavers National Book Awards Audio Book of the Year in the UK.

Grace Scoffield

Grace is a technical producer for AMI-audio and is responsible for the smooth running of the daily output of the station. In the spare five minutes she has each week you can hear Grace read out Double Tap News segment which airs every Saturday. Grace graduated from Toronto Metropolitan University’s RTA Sport Media program in 2023 with a Bachelor of Arts, and minors in Public Relations and Music & Culture.

Marc Aflalo

Marc is the executive producer and co-host of Access Tech Live on AMI-tv. You will also have seen Marc and Steven host Double Tap TV together in the past too. Outside of AMI you can find Marc host YourTechReport on SiriusXM across Canada and the USA.

Mr F

Ah yes. The infamous Mr F. He's the man with the plan - we hope. Officially he is Canada's man of mystery, but we know him to the all seeing eye and our biggest fan at Accessible Media. Many think he's a figment of Steven's imagination but he is in fact the big boss. You will have heard his dulcet tones from time to time on the show.