Be My AI Comes To Android As Open Beta Feature


Attention Android users! Be My AI has launched on the Google Play Store version of the Be My Eyes app as an open beta, and will be rolling out across the world over the next few weeks.

‘Be My AI’ is like having an AI assistant right in your pocket, always ready to help out. This smart addition to the ‘Be My Eyes’ app brings artificial intelligence directly into our lives, enhancing our independence. Imagine pointing your phone’s camera at anything you’re curious about – be it a new appliance, a food label, or a street sign. The AI quickly processes the image and provides you with a spoken description. It’s akin to having a sighted assistant who’s always available, without any waiting time for a human volunteer.

One of the best parts about ‘Be My AI’ is how seamlessly it integrates into the ‘Be My Eyes’ app. The developers have kept the user interface straightforward and accessible, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their tech proficiency, can easily navigate and use this new feature.

The creation of Be My AI came about as the result of a conversation between Be My Eyes CEO Mike Buckley and developers at Open AI, creators of the popular ChatGPT application. Mike Buckley shares the story on Double Tap.

So, what’s the verdict?

‘Be My AI’ seems like a fantastic addition to our technological arsenal, providing an extra layer of assistance and independence. With its Android debut, it’s all set to enhance our daily experiences. Tell us your thoughts by emailing [email protected] or leave a comment here.

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