Amazon and Cochlear Team Up to Enhance Entertainment Accessibility for People with Hearing Loss

Man with hearing aid enjoys TV using his Fire TV stick.

Amazon has announced a collaboration with hearing technology company Cochlear to make entertainment more accessible for people with hearing loss.

Through the open-source audio streaming for hearing aids (ASHA) protocol, individuals with Cochlear hearing implants can now directly stream sound from their Amazon smart TV. This advancement allows for private listening and aligns with Amazon’s mission to create a more accessible future for all.

Speaking on Double Tap, Amazon’s Country Manager for Canada, Celine Lee, explains how the compatibility extends to various Cochlear devices, including the Nucleus 7, Kanso 2, and Baha Max Sound Processors. Feedback from users has been positive, with one customer highlighting the convenience of using her Fire TV Stick to control entertainment through voice commands.

Amazon’s Echo smart speaker, Alexa, has also made a significant impact in accessibility, particularly for blind people. Customers have shared how Alexa has improved everyday tasks and provided a level of independence, such as enabling independent television-watching for a quadriplegic customer. Amazon aims to continue inventing and expanding accessibility features to make products like Lady even more accessible and beneficial for users.