CES in Amsterdam Special

Steven and Shaun delve into their experiences at the CES Unveiled event held in Amsterdam on the 12th of October 2023, where they had the opportunity to meet representatives from a variety of new tech companies.

One notable company is leveraging cutting-edge camera technology along with smartphones in a mission to prevent vision loss. Their innovation holds promise in the realm of eye care, potentially offering a new layer of preventive measures against vision-related ailments.

Another company is focusing on the realm of smart remote monitoring, aimed at fostering independence for individuals living alone or the elderly. Their solution proposes a way for people to continue residing comfortably in their own homes while ensuring safety and connectivity.

Lastly, they met a smartwatch designer who believes he has cracked the code in harmoniously integrating wellness and technology into our daily routines. His smartwatch concept endeavors to seamlessly blend health monitoring with everyday tech utility, encapsulating the essence of modern-day wearable technology.