New Talking Air Fryer Available For Pre-Order

Talking Air Fryer Cobolt

Karl Tillits, a product manager for Cobolt Systems, joined Steven and Shaun to talk about the development of the first-ever talking air fryer.

Karl explains that the COVID pandemic caused a delay in the development process due to component shortages. However, during this time, they were able to gather customer feedback and found a high demand for an accessible air fryer.

He says that traditional air fryers are often difficult to use for people with visual impairments due to touch-sensitive buttons and LCD displays. To address this, their talking air fryer has touch sensitive buttons with a raised guide around them and a voice-guided interface. Karl mentions that they have upgraded the voice to be more pleasant than in other products they sell..

In terms of design, the air fryer has a standard circular shape and a four-litre capacity. He explains that the air fryer has temperature options ranging from 60 to 200 degrees and can be set for up to 60 minutes. The food is placed in a basket with a handle that can be easily pulled forward. The air fryer provides audio feedback throughout the cooking process, including countdowns and instructions to rearrange the food. It also announces when the fryer is hot and when it’s cooling down.

Karl says that they are currently focusing on the UK market but are looking to expand to other countries in the future. He invites interested customers to pre-order the air fryer. He also tells us about the development of new products, including a new microwave combination oven, coming in 2024.

Visit the Cobolt System website for more information