Microsoft Clarify Position On Unauthorised Xbox Controllers

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Microsoft caused controversy this week with a decision to stop allowing third-party controllers to be used with its Xbox gaming console.

The news angered some disabled gamers who rely on accessories connected to the Xbox Adaptive Controller, which allows people with physical disabilities to play games like everyone else.

However, in an update to their earlier statement the company clarified to Windows Central that any third-party accessory that is connected to the Xbox Adaptive controller would be exempt from their decision and should work as normal, adding that if any player has issues they should contact Microsoft’s Disability Answer Desk.

The decision to not authorise third-party controllers comes as the company appears to be developing its own authorised list of controllers to be used with  Xbox. Gamers with unauthorised controllers are recommended to return them for a refund and purchase an authorised version instead. The change takes place in two weeks to give gamers the chance to prepare.