Xbox Gaming Controversy, Seleste Glasses Update & A New Talking Air Fryer

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Today on the show, Steven and Shaun discuss the controversy surrounding the announcement by Microsoft to stop supporting third-party game controllers on its Xbox gaming console. The news has shocked many disabled gamers, who rely on various wired devices in order to play the games they love. However, there is an update and it’s good news!

Also, the Canadian company behind the new smart glasses that allow video and audio calling wirelessly from your iPhone has a big update to share. Seleste is hoping to integrate the same technology behind the popular Be My AI app from Open AI directly into their glasses in the next two weeks. Steven shares the latest.

And we meet Karl, from Cobolt Systems in the UK, who have just announced they are launching a new talking air fryer. What makes this stand out and be more accessible? The company tells all to Double Tap.

And we hear from Marco in Germany, who has already hit the trigger on a new Mac purchase, but why does this sadden Shaun?

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