Voice Dream Reader Changes Direction & Making Websites Accessible

Android 15 Talkback Updates

In this episode of Double Tap, Steven Scott and Shaun Preece dive into the latest updates from Voice Dream Reader and explore a new tool to enhance web accessibility.

First up, they discuss the recent changes announced by Voice Dream Reader. A listener, Graham, shares his discovery that the app’s update notes suggest a shift away from a mandatory subscription model for legacy customers. This news sparks a detailed analysis by Steven and Shaun, who weigh in on the implications of this decision for both the company and its user base. They delve into the community’s reaction, including the overwhelming feedback Voice Dream received, which ultimately led them to retract their subscription requirement for adding new documents. However, Steven and Shaun express concern about the sustainability of this decision, pondering how it might affect the app’s future development and the broader context of app monetization strategies.

The second part of the episode introduces a conversation with Oliver Emberton from Silktide, recorded by Allison Sheridan at the CSUN conference. Oliver presents a new Chrome extension designed to aid web developers in making their sites more accessible. This tool offers features like a screen reader simulator, a focus order visualizer, and a colour contrast checker, all aimed at simplifying the process of ensuring web accessibility. Allison’s enthusiasm and insightful questions highlight the potential impact of such tools in promoting inclusivity online.

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