Microsoft Orders A Slice Of Pi, Blind Schooling & What About Chromebooks

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In this episode of Double Tap, Steven Scott and Shaun Preece kick things off with a chat about Pi AI, a personal AI assistant that’s been generating buzz for its impressive performance and utility. However, one listener’s experience with Pi AI, as shared through an email, highlights some accessibility hurdles, particularly with its user interface and voice interaction features, which sparked a broader discussion on the importance of accessibility in tech apps.

The conversation then shifts to the Mac versus Windows debate, sparked by a listener’s observation that despite the low percentage of Mac users who are blind, Mac often gets more airtime on tech podcasts. Steven defends his preference for Mac, attributing it to personal familiarity and the show’s focus on his own tech experiences. This segues into a discussion about Chromebooks and their place in the tech ecosystem, especially in education, and how Google’s Chromebook+ standard aims to ensure a quality experience for users, including those relying on accessibility features.

Listeners also contribute to the episode with their tech queries and observations. Topics range from VoiceOver issues on iPhones, and preferences between Mac and Windows based on personal use cases, to leveraging tech for learning Braille and experiencing astronomical events like eclipses through accessible broadcasts.

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