Using NFC Tags To Identify Clothing

NFC Tags

Negative Julian recently shared a solution to a longstanding problem he has faced. He struggled with identifying the color and style of the trousers he was wearing, as they all felt the same to him. He tried various solutions such as using laundry labels, but they often peeled off after a few washes and were inconvenient to use.

However, Julian found a solution on eBay in the form of laundry-proof NFC tags. These button-style tags are waterproof, detergent-proof, and heat-resistant. They have two holes in the middle, allowing them to be sewn into the trousers like a button.

Julian has been sewing these tags into his trousers and found them to hold up well after multiple washes. The tags can be scanned from the inside or outside of the trousers, making it easy to identify the color and style.

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