Using Discord With NVDA On The PC


Discord is a popular communication platform and is accessible to blind and low-vision people, according to Jacob Shymanski, a technical producer at Accessible Media.

In a demo for Double Tap, Shymanski explains that Discord allows users to create or join servers for various purposes, such as gaming or common interests. Each server contains text and voice channels, resembling group chats and Zoom calls respectively.

Using the NVDA screen reader, Jacob finds Discord to be reasonably accessible.

The only challenge lies in the visually busy user interface, which is navigated using landmarks. The Quick Switcher feature allows users to search for servers, users, text channels, or voice channels. Jacob demonstrates navigating through a server dedicated to the game Crusader Kings 3, using landmarks to access different text channels and read messages within them. He also shows how to join a voice channel and mute oneself.

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