The Power of Braille Screen Input on iPhone

Braille Screen Input

In this listener contribution sent in December 2023, we find out about a discovery made by Matthew Horspool relating to Braille screen input on Apple devices. Matthew explains that historically, correcting mistakes while using Braille screen input has been inconvenient, often resulting in users resorting to the on-screen keyboard instead. However, he recently discovered a much easier way to edit within Braille screen input, and he demonstrates this on his iPhone 14 Pro running iOS 16.

Using a series of gestures involving holding down a specific Braille dot and swiping with one or two fingers, Matthew is able to navigate through and edit text in Braille screen input without having to switch to the on-screen keyboard. He shows how to move the cursor, delete words, and input new text using these gestures. While he acknowledges that his demonstration may not cover all the available gestures, he highlights the significant improvement in the usability of Braille screen input as a result of this discovery.

Through this detailed demonstration, Matthew aims to share his newfound knowledge with other iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users who utilize Braille screen input. He hopes that others will also find this information useful and emphasizes that even with just a few gestures, Braille screen input has become a lot more practical. As the episode concludes, Matthew expresses his gratitude to the listeners for tuning in and sharing his discovery.

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