OKO App Launches In Canada In July

Oko App

A navigation app built to assist blind people navigate more easily, including with help crossing roads, is set to launch in Canada in July.

The Oko app will officially launch in Canada on July 1st 2024, making its debut on the Apple App Store. Users who pre-order will have the app automatically downloaded to their iPhones.

The team behind Oko has partnered with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), Canada’s leading non-profit organization dedicated to changing the lives of those who are blind or partially sighted. Oko’s mission is to revolutionize safe navigation and exploration for everyone, with a strong focus on empowering individuals with sight loss to live more independently.

Features of the Oko App:

Accessible Navigation: Oko offers intuitive, user-friendly maps and GPS with a focus on accessibility. Users can expect turn-by-turn directions and announcements for upcoming intersections, ensuring a seamless navigation experience.

Accessible Pedestrian Lights: Utilizing the iPhone’s camera and artificial intelligence, Oko makes pedestrian signals accessible. Users receive audio, vibration, and visual feedback to know when the walk or don’t walk signal is active, enhancing safety for all pedestrians.

Oko believes that their partnership with CNIB will create a significant positive impact on the lives of many Canadians, offering them the freedom and confidence to explore new places safely and independently. The company looks forward to ongoing support from the community and eagerly anticipates feedback once users begin exploring the app’s features in Canada.

The app is also available in the US, with the company suggesting other countries will be coming soon.

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