Seleste Glasses Update, YouTube Third Party Apps On Notice & Double Tap Is Down

Android 15 Talkback Updates

In this episode of Double Tap, hosts Steven Scott and Shaun Preece cover a variety of topics, starting with an update on Seleste glasses and big news for YouTube users of third-party apps.

The discussion begins with Seleste Glasses, focusing on the company’s decision to drop the Wi-Fi component in their next iteration for better battery life and a slimmer design, leading to the dropping of real-time video. However, an email from the CEO of Seleste sent to Double Tap clarifies that real-time video streaming might still be possible through Bluetooth, similar to Meta Ray bands streaming to Instagram. The conversation explores the technical challenges of streaming clear, uninterrupted video feeds wirelessly, which is crucial for applications like Aira.

Next, the hosts discuss YouTube’s enforcement of third-party apps that block ads, highlighting the importance of advertisements in supporting creators and the platform. They express concerns about apps like Accessible YouTube Downloader Pro, which bypass ads, potentially violating YouTube’s terms of service. The discussion emphasizes the need for these apps to comply with YouTube’s policies to ensure creators are compensated for their work.

Listener emails add further debate to the episode, covering topics from the importance of learning Braille and touch typing to personal experiences with self-consciousness due to physical appearance. A listener correction about the first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant’s location sparks a light-hearted moment. The episode concludes with an encouragement for listener participation, inviting them to share stories, reviews, and feedback, emphasizing the inclusive nature of the Double Tap community.

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