Seleste Smart Glasses: A User’s Review

Seleste Glasses

On this review, listener Elijah reviews the new Seleste smart glasses, read aloud by Laura Kirker for Double Tap.

Elijah provides an in-depth review of the glasses, discussing the physical appearance, setup process, and key features of the accompanying app.

The glasses are described as resembling regular sunglasses with discreetly integrated technology, making them suitable for everyday use. The listener explains the relatively simple setup process, including connecting the glasses to WiFi and Bluetooth through the app.

They highlight the three main features of the Seleste app: text scanning, scene description, and the Smart Assistant, all of which are activated through specific gestures or commands. A detailed comparison of the two available voice options for the glasses is provided, as well as the compatibility of various headphone models. The listener also offers insights into the battery life, charging time, and limitations of the current app, such as the inability to integrate with third-party apps or allow for video calling.

They note occasional connection issues and potential improvements for future updates. Despite these minor drawbacks, the listener expresses overall satisfaction with the glasses and their versatile functionalities, particularly praising the detailed AI descriptions provided by the scene description feature. Additionally, the listener emphasizes the affordability of the Seleste smart glasses, which involve a deposit and subsequent monthly payments.

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