RNIB Accord MP3 Player

RNIB Accord Player

Listener Negative Julian recently got his hands on an RNIB Accord audiobook player.

In his review for Double Tap, he describes the audiobook player as barrel-shaped, about the same height as a tin of baked beans but wider in diameter.

Julian was disappointed with the sound quality, describing it as hollow and lacking bass and richness. He shared a sample from a Double Tap podcast played through the speaker to demonstrate. The device also comes with a charging mat, which worked well with the Accord but not with Negative Julian’s phone.

Overall, he criticizes the lack of emphasis on sound quality and suggests that if cost was a concern, removing wireless charging would have been a better alternative.

Note: Reviews are provided by listeners using equipment they have purchased themselves. All views are their own and do not represent Double Tap or Accessible Media Inc. These reviews are offered to reflect the opinions of users and are provided to us in good faith.

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