Responding To Your Feedback

Responding To Your Feedback

In this episode of Double Tap on YouTube, hosts Steven Scott and Shaun Preece delve into viewer comments across various topics, offering insights, humor, and honest opinions on technology and accessibility.

They discuss the shift from traditional Wi-Fi setups to mesh systems, with listeners sharing their experiences and preferences for brands like Orbi, Google 6E Pro, and Eero. The conversation highlights the importance of user-friendly setups and the potential benefits of using Ethernet-powered devices for a more reliable connection.

The duo also tackles the topic of robot guide dogs and the skepticism surrounding their practicality and affordability for the visually impaired community. They emphasize the need for technology developers to consult with disabled individuals to create genuinely useful devices rather than pursuing impractical innovations. The discussion extends to the realm of gaming, where advancements in accessibility have made video games more inclusive, yet challenges remain in providing equal experiences for all players.

Additionally, the episode covers the efficacy of simulating blindness to foster understanding among sighted individuals. Stephen and Shaun argue that while simulations can offer some


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