Humane AI Reviews Are In, Making Fitness Accessible & Tea For One?

Android 15 Talkback Updates

In this episode of Double Tap, Steven Scott and Shaun Preece kick things off with a casual chat about their current health woes, joking about the myriad illnesses that seem to strike as the weather changes.

The duo then dives into a discussion about a recent visit to an AI burger joint, “CaliExpress by Flippy,” reported by The Guardian. They explore the implications of AI and robotics in the fast food industry, particularly in light of California’s new $20 hourly minimum wage for fast food workers. The conversation raises questions about the future of employment in an increasingly automated world, the ethics of replacing human jobs with machines, and the potential societal impacts of such shifts.

Steven and Shaun also address the critical reception of the Humane AI pin, highlighting a particularly scathing review by tech influencer Marques Brownlee. They debate the responsibility of reviewers with large followings to consider the impact of their critiques on emerging technologies and companies.

Listener feedback and emails bring up topics such as the VoiceVista reading speeds, the Arcanite fingerprint reader’s performance, and accessible fitness apps for interval training. The episode wraps up with a voicemail from a listener sharing his favourite travel destinations and experiences, prompting a light-hearted reflection on travel preferences and the value of exploring new places.

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