Ranting with Retired Disability Rights Lawyer David Lepofsky

In this episode of Double Tap, hosts Steven Scott and Shaun Preece are back together and ready to dive into a variety of topics with a healthy dose of ranting. They kick things off with a chat about the technical issues they face while recording the show, joking about how it might be easier for Shaun to just travel to Glasgow every day.

The hosts then shifted to discussing the WebAIM survey results, expressing frustration with the low participation rate of only 1,500 valid responses. Steven emphasizes the importance of the community’s engagement with such surveys to ensure that the data collected truly represents the needs and preferences of people who are blind or partially sighted. He points out that the survey’s findings, such as the high usage of iOS among blind users, may not be entirely accurate due to the small sample size.

They welcome their guest, David Lepofsky, a retired disability rights lawyer. David shares his thoughts on a range of topics, including the Bose Frames, which he believes are an excellent piece of mainstream technology that benefits people who are blind. He also advocates for the value of Braille watches, explaining how they offer privacy and functionality that smartwatches like the Apple Watch cannot match.

David then introduces the Sonic Guide, a device from the 1970s that used sonar technology to aid in navigation. He reminisces about its usefulness and expresses a desire for modern tech companies to revisit and improve upon this concept. The hosts discuss the challenges of marketing such devices and the need for them to be affordable and accessible to the wider community.

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