An Hour With Disability Advocate Colin Hughes: Neuralink, Humane AI and Apple Accessibility

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In today’s episode of Double Tap, Steven Scott is joined by disability advocate and campaigner Colin Hughes for the hour to discuss what’s going on in the tech world and how it is impacting the wider disability community.

The conversation kicks off with a discussion on the state of accessibility in technology, highlighting the potential and limitations of products from companies like Humane and Neuralink. They delve into the personal experiences and perspectives of Colin, a user deeply affected by these technologies due to his physical disability. He shares his disappointment with the lack of accessibility features in emerging tech products like the Humane Ai Pin and expresses both intrigue and concern about the ambitious goals of Neuralink for enhancing communication for people with severe disabilities.

The episode also explores Colin’s advocacy for better accessibility in technology, his personal use of voice-controlled devices, and his enthusiasm for Meta Ray-Ban’s smart glasses which have significantly impacted his ability to communicate and interact with the world. Colin’s insights into the current state of accessible technology, combined with a critical look at how major tech companies are addressing (or failing to address) these needs, paint a vivid picture of the challenges and opportunities at the intersection of disability and technology.

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