New Tech On Show At NFB & RNIB Product Recall Issued

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In this episode of Double Tap, Steven and Shaun discuss the latest tech that was on show at the NFB Convention in Florida recently, and Steven reports on a product recall by RNIB in the UK.
The guys begin with listener emails that bring up topics including accessible air fyers and Steven’s new puppy. Also there’s much cheer for the renewal of Double Tap for another season and sadness expressed at the decision to bring Shaun of the Shed to an end, at least in its current form.
The guys then move on to discuss some of the technology on show at the NFB convention held in Orlando, Florida. Regular contributor Scott spent time at the event and spoke to various companies including Glidance, BiPed and the TouchPad Pro Foundation.
And there’s news of a product recall from RNIB – the UK blindness charity has recalled the wireless charger sold with the RNIB Accord Talking Book/MP3 player. Customers have been contacted and are being sent a replacement wireless charger. For anyone concerned, email the charity on [email protected] or if you’re in the UK call 0303 123 9999.
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