Learning Braille With Annie & Humane’s AI Pin Launches

Today on the show Steven and Shaun find out about Annie, an innovative Braille learning tool developed by Thinkerbell Labs and distributed by Humanware in the UK, which promises to make learning Braille an enjoyable experience for children as they can learn on their own, although it can also be used in a classroom environment. Andrew Flatres from Humanware joins the guys to shed light on Annie’s functionality, design elements, and educational value.

There’s also chat about the AI Pin by Humane, which is being launched today. It’s a remarkable wearable AI assistant that lets users perform tasks like making calls, sending texts, and identifying objects using an onboard camera, all through voice commands and without the need for a screen. The AI Pin, powered by OpenAI’s GPT, stands out for its commitment to user privacy and represents a significant step towards more accessible tech solutions for those with visual impairments.

There’s more of your comments too, with listeners sharing more of their relatable experiences and stories from the blind community, including insights on sighted guide techniques and the challenges of navigating public spaces.