Humane Launches AI Pin

Humane AI Pin

The Humane AI Pin promises to bring AI-powered technology in a compact and wearable form, potentially changing how we interact with smart technology on a daily basis.

“This could be the most accessible device for blind people” said Steven Scott on Double Tap as he and Shaun discussed the merits of the many new features the device offers, in particular the simplicity of its user interface.

## Watch the Humane AI Launch Video Now

It is priced at $699 and is set to ship to US consumers in early 2024. The device is accompanied by a $24 monthly subscription which is necessary to access cellular data through T-Mobile’s network, along with cloud storage for photos and videos, and unlimited calling and texting.

Orders for the Humane AI Pin can be placed through Humane’s website starting from November 16th.

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