Introducing HumanWare Stellar Trek: A GPS Device with Enhanced Camera Capabilities

Stellar Trek from Humanware

HumanWare has released a new GPS device called Stellar Trek that combines GPS technology with a built-in camera.

The device takes satellite signals from GPS satellites and plots the user’s position onto an installed map. It provides additional information about the user’s surroundings, such as street names and landmarks.

It can direct users to turn left or right or continue on their current path. The device can be used in different modes, including explore mode, where it provides information about street names and landmarks as the user passes by. Users can also record routes, useful when walking with others, and the device will provide turn-by-turn directions based on previous walks, using natural language.

What sets the Stellar Trek apart from other GPS devices is its integrated camera, which allows users to take pictures of locations and the AI-powered camera recognizes the location and provides information about its proximity. The device is small, portable, and user-friendly with tactile buttons. The camera is also useful for confirming addresses and reading texts and documents. Overall, the Stellar Trek offers enhanced functionality and accessibility with its GPS and camera capabilities.

Listen to Lucy Begley from Humanware in the UK talk about the new device to Steven Scott.

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