Game Awards 2023: Accessibility Judge Lauds Forza Motorsport for Groundbreaking Accessibility Innovations


Forza Motorsport won the Innovation In Accessibility Award at the Game Awards 2023, highlighting the strides made by the gaming industry in creating more inclusive and accessible experiences for players of all abilities.

Forza is a renowned name in the racing game genre, and has set a new standard for accessibility in gaming, with innovative features such as Blind Drive Assist, so players who are totally blind can enjoy the game too. It also has integrated options like customizable difficulty levels and assistive controls, making it an accessible game for any player. These features are not just add-ons but are seamlessly woven into the game’s fabric, ensuring an inclusive experience without compromising on gameplay quality or entertainment value.

Steve Saylor is known as the Blind Gamer, and was a judge on the panel for the prestigious award. He explained to Double Tap why the award is so important, and shared his thoughts on the game itself.

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