GAConf Awards 2023 & Game Accessibility: Host Steve Saylor’s Perspective


The Blind Gamer Steve Saylor is set to host the Game Accessibility Conference Awards on January 24th, and has shared his excitement and the significance of the event, with Double Tap host Steven Scott, which celebrates the strides made in making video games accessible to a diverse range of players, including those with disabilities.

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Steve talks about the remarkable progress in game accessibility since 2017 when Saylor began focusing on the field. Unlike the past, where only a few games were designed with accessibility in mind, there is now a plethora of accessible games across various genres. From action-packed adventures to cozy narrative experiences, the gaming world has become more inclusive, allowing players of all abilities to enjoy what was once considered a niche hobby.

Saylor and Scott also tackled the misconception that gaming is solely for the young, discussing the medium’s growth during the pandemic and its potential benefits for mental agility in older individuals. Steve highlights that gaming is for everyone, regardless of age, and that with the advancements in accessibility, even those who may have previously felt excluded can now participate fully.

Preparations for the Game Accessibility Conference Awards are in full swing, with a dedicated team ensuring that the event is inclusive, featuring audio descriptions, sign language interpretations, and captions. The awards serve as a testament to the gaming industry’s commitment to inclusivity and the hard work of advocates who have pushed for accessible gaming over the past decade.

Watch the even event live at 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern/5pm UK on their Youtube channel

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