Mac Turns 40, Catching A Driverless Uber & Keeping Your Mouse Balls Clean

Android 15 Talkback Updates

In this episode, Steven Scott and Shaun Preece – rather surprisingly – discuss various topics related to accessible technology.

They start by celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Apple Macintosh, reminiscing about their experiences with early Mac computers and discussing the evolution of Mac accessibility features, including the introduction of VoiceOver in 2005.

The conversation then shifts to Google’s introduction of new generative AI features in Chrome for Mac and Windows Cs, aiming to provide a more streamlined and personalized browsing experience. Although Steven and Shaun find some of the features, like tab organization and AI-powered custom themes, less relevant to their needs, they acknowledge the potential benefits for users who are partially sighted and the usefulness of AI writing assistance.

The main focus of the episode is on driverless cars, with special guest Gregg Hayes sharing his experience using Uber’s autonomous vehicle service in Phoenix, Arizona. Greg compares his ride with Uber to his previous experiences with Waymo, noting differences in the ease of finding the car and the level of interaction provided during the trip. Despite some challenges, Greg expresses his confidence and trust in the safety of driverless cars, highlighting the advantages of not having to interact with a human driver.

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