Double Tap Renewed By AMI For Another Year, And We’re Coming To YouTube

Double Tap Logo

Double Tap, the popular daily radio show and podcast focused on technology by blind people for blind people, has been renewed for another exciting season.

Hosted by Steven Scott and Shaun Preece, Double Tap continues to provide invaluable insights, reviews, and honest discussions on the latest tech innovations that enhance the lives of the blind and visually impaired community.

AMI-audio, the long-time home of Double Tap, announced the renewal, emphasizing the show’s growing popularity and the vital role it plays in accessibility advocacy.

“I’m thrilled that Double Tap is returning for another season on AMI-audio, podcasts and now on YouTube every weekday. Steven and Shaun are broadcast-industry leaders in providing timely information relating to evolutions in assistive technology. Plus, nobody beats their audience engagement and entertainment value!” said Andy Frank, the manager of AMI-audio.

In an exciting development, Double Tap is set to expand its reach by launching the show in full on to its dedicated YouTube channel. This move aims to make the show’s content even more accessible and engaging for a broader audience. Each episode will be accompanied by transcripts, ensuring that viewers can fully engage with the content regardless of their preferred mode of consumption.

Steven Scott and Shaun Preece expressed their enthusiasm about the renewal and the new YouTube venture. “We’re thrilled to continue our journey with AMI-audio and to bring Double Tap to YouTube,” said Steven. “Providing the show in visual form and adding transcripts is a critical step in making our content more accessible, and we can’t wait to connect with our audience on this new platform.”

Listeners can continue to tune in to Double Tap on AMI-audio and their favorite podcast platforms via smartphones and smart devices, and are encouraged to continue feeding back their comments to the show via the show’s email address and phone in number which is 1-877-803-4567.

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