Best of YouTube: iPad Pro M4 Review & Shaun Is A Honda Cynic

Android 15 Talkback Updates

In this episode of the Best of Double Tap on YouTube, Steven and Shaun give details of how their show will transition to YouTube in the coming months.

We start with David Redmond from Vision Ireland joining the guys to share his thoughts on the new iPad Pro with M4 processor. David talks about how he uses the device and gives his opinion on why it is a good choice for people with low vision.

We also hear Shaun’s take on the news that car company Honda is due to release an app called Honda Scenic Audio that gives real-time information on your surroundings as you travel in the car. It’s designed for blind people so they can enjoy their trip knowing what’s going on around them outside. Shaun shares his opinions on the app and questions its intended purpose.

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