Double Tap News Roundup: 2nd February

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Get up to date with the latest tech news with Double Tap’s Grace Scoffield as she brings to light the most recent developments in the world of technology and accessibility.

Grace covers the highly anticipated release of Apple’s Vision Pro headset, a costly device that promises to redefine spatial computing with immersive video and computing experiences. She also delves into the upcoming iOS 17.4 update, which introduces auto-generated podcast transcripts in multiple languages.

She also reports on Elon Musk’s company Neuralink which has successfully implanted its first human brain chip, potentially enabling individuals with quadriplegia to interact with smartphones and computers using their thoughts.

We also learn about the “Unlock the Everyday” campaign, unveiled at the World Economic Forum, which calls for global action to bridge the assistive technology gap.

And in robotics, University of Cambridge researchers have created a robotic sensor that reads braille at exceptional speeds, aiming to enhance the sensitivity of robotic hands and prosthetics.

Plus news on the show itself as Double Tap expands its reach by launching on YouTube, viewers can now enjoy the show’s engaging tech discussions in video format, with new episodes and live streams scheduled throughout the week.

And finally, Grace touches on Japan’s transition from floppy disks to cloud-based solutions in compliance with government regulations, marking the end of an era for physical media in business operations.

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