CES Wrapped Up with Vispero’s Matt Ater


In this interview, Steven Scott is joined by Matt Ater, the Vice President at Vispero. They discuss Matt’s experience at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), where he attended in a dual role, representing Vispero and also participating as the Chairman of the CTA Foundation and a member of the board of industry leaders.

At CES, Matt participated in an Accessibility Roundtable and reception, which allowed for great dialogue before the event. He spent time at Eureka Park, where numerous startups showcased their innovations, including one called VisionAid, which offered a vision simulation using eye tracking.

Matt also mentions Glide, a mobility and object avoidance device with wheels, which he finds interesting but is skeptical about its practicality for blind individuals who travel frequently.

He also discusses a product called OneCourt, which is a tactile representation of a football field that vibrates to indicate the ball’s position during a game. While he sees potential educational value, he questions its practical use for those who are already familiar with sports through radio commentary.

Another product that caught Matt’s attention was Mudra, a wristband that measures nerve activity in the wrist and allows for gesture control of Apple devices. He sees potential in this technology for the visually impaired community.

Matt also talks about Lexottica’s Ray-Ban glasses with camera functionality and nuance glasses for mild to moderate hearing loss. He notes the importance of fashionable and discreet assistive technology.

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