Customize Your Numpad Commander for Easier VoiceOver Navigation on Mac OS


The VoiceOver Utility on macOS allows users to customize their Numpad Commander, enabling easier navigation through VoiceOver. In this audio review, Michael Babcock shows us to customise the commander.

Firstly, to access the Numpad Commander, users need to open the VoiceOver Utility using the shortcut VO + F + A. Once in the utility, pressing Command + 8 takes users to the Commanders tab. From there, users can navigate to the Numpad Commander option by using VO + right arrow. The Numpad Commander gives users the ability to navigate VoiceOver using their Numpad Keyboard. Users can also choose other commanders such as Trackpad, Keyboard Commander, and Quick Nav.

In the Numpad Commander, users can select from a list of seventeen items that can be assigned to their Numpad Keyboard. These items include numbers, symbols, and commands. Users can also assign modifier keys to activate different actions. The VoiceOver Utility provides a table where users can interact with and make their assignments.

The Numpad Commander offers various customization options, including assigning custom commands, opening applications, and running custom shortcuts or Apple scripts. Once users have made their assignments, they can activate them by pressing the assigned key. Overall, the Numpad Commander in the VoiceOver Utility provides users with a convenient way to navigate VoiceOver on macOS.

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