Android Gets Major Updates

Today on the show Steven and Shaun discuss rumours that Apple are going to make major improvements to the microphone inside the iPhone 16 to assist in improving the quality of an enhanced Siri using artificial intelligence, however Shaun is unconvinced that an upgraded microphone would make any difference.

Also there’s an update from listener Matthew on his decision to move to Windows for his music production work, and Lena updates Steven and Shaun on the capability of Seeing AI on the iPhone.

Our feature interview today is with Kareen Kiwan and Salih Kunduz who write for the Accessible Android website, sharing their unique perspectives as blind Android users. They join the guys to talk about the arrival of Seeing AI on the platform but also the update to Be My Eyes which will soon include Be My AI, and they also chime in on the release of Talkback 14.1.

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