Double Tap At Zero Project Day Two: Blindness In Estonia & Hable Updates

Double Tap Podcast

In this episode of Double Tap, hosts Steven Scott and Shaun Preece are live from Vienna at the Zero Project Conference.

Today there’s more discussion about the worldwide event and we hear more feedback from you, including questions from Gavin about the Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses, thoughts on using Google’s Gemini AI from Anexis, and discussion about aggression from Camille.

We also meet Ayushman Talwar, one of the founders of Hable. The company is well known in the blind world for its Hable One Braille input keyboard. Ayushman shares insights into the latest developments at Hable and shares some secrets with us about an upcoming new version of the device soon.

Also, we meet a fan! Jacob Sparrow is from Estonia and works hard to advocate for members of the disability community in his country. He shares the work he is doing and talks about the role of community in working to change society.

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