Zero Project Conference: Sensee World with Andrew Choe


In this interview, hosts Steven Scott and Shaun Preece are joined by Andrew Choe, CEO of Sensee World, a company that specialises in producing children’s books with both print and Braille on the same page.

Andrew explains that the company’s goal is to create a shared reading experience for visually impaired parents and their sighted children, as well as to make Braille materials more accessible and affordable. He discusses the challenges parents face in finding and preparing books for their visually impaired children, and how Sensee World seeks to address these challenges by offering a wide range of affordable products with print and Braille together.

Andrew also shares the company’s origins, which stem from the founder’s personal connection to visual impairment, and the team’s background in the for-profit world, which has influenced their approach to innovation and efficiency. They discuss the initial high cost of producing print and Braille books, but emphasize that the goal is to partner with publishers to expand the market and make these materials more widely available.

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