Wrapping up CSUN’s 2024 Assistive Technology Conference

Wrapping up CSUN’s 2024 Assistive Technology Conference! In this YouTube Exclusive, Steven Scott, Shaun Preece, and Michael Babcock discuss their experiences at the CSUN conference. They talk about the challenges of navigating the crowded event and the use of assistive technologies like Ira and Good Maps for indoor navigation. They also discuss the social aspect of CSUN and the importance of the hotel experience. The conversation highlights the need for improved accessibility in hotels and the potential of smart devices to enhance the guest experience. The chapter titles reflect the main themes discussed in the conversation.

00:00 Introduction and Overview of CSUN
01:32 First Impressions of CSUN
03:08 The Challenges of Navigating CSUN
03:58 Using Aira and Good Maps for Navigation
05:19 The Need for Improved Indoor Navigation
06:08 The Overwhelming Crowds at CSUN
07:04 The Social Aspect of CSUN
07:14 The Hotel Experience at CSUN
09:08 Essential Items to Bring to CSUN
10:27 The Accessibility of Hotels
12:15 The Potential of Smart Devices in Hotels
18:57 Preview of Next Video and Conclusion

Transcript: https://doubletaponair.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/04/126-CSUN-Wrapped-Up.txt