What’s Next For Vispero’s Next Big Thing, Humane AI Launch Reaction & A Review Of New M3 MacBook Pros

Android 15 Talkback Updates

Today on the Express Steven and Shaun learn about what’s next for Vispero’s Next Big Thing, and we hear what the CEO of Pneuma Solutions thinks about the launch of the Humane AI Pin. Plus there’s a review of new MacBook Pros running the latest M3 processors.

Grace Scoffield also joins the team bringing us the latest news in tech, and Ryan Jones, the VP of Software at Vispero, drops by following the announcement of the winner of their Next Big Thing contest this week.

Also Mike Calvo, the CEO of Pneuma Solutions, airs his thoughts on the launch of the AI Pin from Humane, suggesting that the lack of any mention of disability or accessibility was a major failing of the company.

And there’s reaction to the newest MacBook Pro releases from Apple, with Patrick O’Rourke joining Marc Aflalo to discuss what’s new, and how good they actually are.

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